Runway to Ready Wear: Tangerine Lipstick

Bold lips aren’t going anywhere for the New Year. Tangerine is the modern red lip and as a bright block of color, it’s perfect for Spring. It’s a rare treat because, although, it is a bold look, it warms the features.

To recreate this bold look seen on the Jason Wu and Marc Jacobs runway, outline the lip using a bright red liner and coat the lips with a matte lipstick. New tangerine shades to look out for this season are MAC Scarlett Ibis and Young Blood Tangelo. Jason Wu’s makeup artist Diane Kendal applied a neon orange pigment to pop the color but for a day look, dab a rosy pink gloss to tame. Finish with a soft powder to complement, a light pink blush for added subtle color and minimal eye makeup to focus attention to the lips.


Chanel’s Blue Polish at Couture Show

Creative Director of Chanel makeup, Peter Philips, has done it again. And I’m not referring to the out-of-this-world faux-hawks the models were strutting. I’m referring to the silvery sky blue polish that any non-beauty junkie would have missed. After the craze of Peridot this past fall, it is exciting to see another shade from the design house just as innovative.

With over 100 shades of blue in the entire collection (rumored at 154!), the collection would be perceived as lacking color but it’s anything but! The blues pop off each other and that little icing on top…? Yep, those icy blue nails. We never saw the white polish from the Spring collection. Let’s hope Philips doesn’t disappoint us this time!

L’Occitane Treats My Winter Beauty Faux Paus

Winter is so tough on the hands. My sister has it so bad that her knuckles literally bleed from the cold temps. But this season I found the solution for my (and mostly her) problem. I’ve started using Creme Mains Dry Skin Hand Cream by L’Occitane. They’re known for their great skin products so this probably doesn’t come as too much of a suprise. But seriously! — I think this cream is their all-time best. Never has my skin been so soft and the moisture is so evident that my hands even leave a little dew on my keyboard (kinda gross I know). But when the job gets done, can you really complain?

L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream; $10,

Bring Blair’s Headbands Back!

Yesterday’s episode of Gossip Girl was another failed attempt to bring the series out of its season slump (or two year slump). And the more I think about it, the more I truly believe the answer to Josh and Stephanie’s problem lies in Blair’s head gear. Since Queen B put her headbands in the back of the closet to don these Kate Middletonesque hats, the show and Blair’s character has truly gone downhill. Let alone has Blair never been religious but she has rarely even felt remorse for any of the truly malicious things she has done. (Gotta love her ambition though!)

Bring back the Gossip Girl that we love but more importantly…Eric Daman, bring back Blair’s flair for girly and yet, chic ensembles.

The 100th episode and highly anicipated royal wedding airs next week. For more on “G.G.” and Gossip Girl fashion check out Refinery29’s interview with Eric where he admits to missing Little J. Really?!

KIDE Mineral Corrective Powder

I saw this mineral corrective powder on The Zoe Report today and I had to share. Since I’ve never used it before, I have to base this purely on looks. As a beauty lover, I’m not alone when it comes to love at first sight with beauty products. This mult-colored palette reminded me of a map of the world at first glance. And the wooden box is something truly different. What do you think? Is it worth a taste just on looks alone?

Check out Zoe Beautiful for more great beauty finds.

Kelly’s Too Bold Look at People’s Choice Awards

We know there’s a reputation for eccentric that comes with the Osbourne name but Kelly, we thought you had outgrown this. The reality TV star turned Fashionista made one big beauty blunder: three bold statements in one look.

The Fashion Police co-host paired gray highlights with orange shadow and a matching tangerine lip. There’s nothing wrong with taking a red carpet risk but there is so much going on here, you don’t know where to point your attention.

This is what I would have suggested:

The tangerine lip is going to be hot this season. And with Kelly’s orange and white color block dress, this would have been the perfect compliment. However, he shadow/lipstick combo is too matchy-matchy, especially with the dress.

As for her gray highlights, with the extreme hair color trend hot right now, we see where she was going. Kelly could have pull it off had she painted her strands with random streaks. This would have been funky, like Kelly, not so Granny ala Beverly Hillbillies. Remember, Kelly, it’s the red carpet – not your father’s latest rock concert…or bingo match.

2012 Trend Alerts!

2011 was a great year for beauty. As the economy continued to suffer, we found cheaper ways to indulge in the beauty industry from DIY nail art to painting our tips vibrant blues and pinks to add a little spice. Going bold (and possibily back to the days of our youth?!) we enjoyed the bright while the economy’s success continued to look dim.

Now, what should we expect from 2012? Classic or edgy? Check out some beauty predictions from some of my favorite beauty sites! And tell me, what 2012 trends are you excited to try out this month?


What Trends Should You Be Wearing in 2012? – Beauty High




32 Hair Ideas for 2012 – Allure




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Michelle Phan’s Eyeshadow Palette for Sephora

Michelle Phan has made quite a name for herself as the most popular youtube makeup artist. And now the official video makeup artist for Lancome can add makeup designer to her resume. She created a kit for Sephora called Glamour Eyes that includes an eye shadow palette, eyeliner and mascara.

Phan also includes an instruction booklet that gives step-by-step instructions on creating a natural eye look, diva eye look and smoldering eye look. The palette is clearly versatile enough to mix and match for day and night wear with a subtle rosy pink and light copper and then a deep violet and shimmery silver.

The kit completes the eye look with Hypnose Drama Mascara in Excessive Black and Artliner Precision Point EyeLiner in Noir. As if Phan wasn’t perfect enough!

Glamour Eyes by Michelle Phan; $59.50,

Take a look at a close-up of the palette (courtesy of sephora) as well as how the shadows appear on different skin tones. What do you think?

Log on to to check out a video of Phan using the palette! And if you really can’t get enough of Phan, read her interview with Miami Herald on how to get the red carpet look at home.

What are Your Beauty Resolutions?

It’s that time of year — resolution time! We’ve had a week to ponder our successes and mishaps of the last year and now it’s high time we decide what changes need to be made for a new and better us! Our lifer resolutions are a little more complicated (and a little too deep for the morning) so let’s focus on our beauty resolutions! Here are some ideas from some of my favorite beauty editors on what changes should be on the top of your list. And read below for a few of my own for 2012!


5 Beauty Resolutions You Need to Make Now




Our 2012 Beauty Resolutions




5 Beauty Resolutions for a Whole New You



And now for my beauty resolutions:

1) Use moisturizer daily

2) ALWAYS remove makeup before bed (no matter how lazy I’m feeling)

3) Floss DAILY (really, it doesn’t take that long)

4) Actually wear my experimented beauty looks outside of my bedroom

5) More frequent trims (a haircut every 8 weeks is ideal but I’ll strive for every 12!)

Look Sophisticated with Dior’s Blue Makeup

The holidays are over and for those of you who are cold weather haters like me, the winter blues are about to start. So, why not fight our blues with some wintery blue palettes and polishes? Dior’s new blues are worth checking out. See some of my favorites below!

Dior Blue-Tie

This eye and lip palette creates the perfect blue smokey eye with midnight blue, navy, silver and charcoal shadows. With two sheens and two shimmers, the shadows blend perfectly – creating depth and a captivating shine. The compact also includes a soft pink lip gloss, a warm touch to the icy blues.

Dior Blue-Tie; $40, 

Dior Vernis Nail Lacquer in Tuxedo

This navy polish has a shimmer that is the perfect compliment to the new year. It’s not an all-out glitter that we saw A LOT of last year but it’s glitzy enough to add a little edge to our January style. This dark frost is also a return to sophistication that we lost a lot of last year with the popularity of nail art. Here’s to the much needed return of the classics!

Dior Vernis Nail lacquer; $22,